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Parking Protocols

Dallas Deuces home games are located at Jesuit College Preparatory School 12345 Inwood Road Dallas, TX 75244.  

If your game is on one of our grass fields (Jesuit Grass East, Middle or West) the closest parking area will be the "Anderson Lot"  pictured below on the south side of Willow (entrance to parking area on Willow).  There is a gate to the grass field which will be open on all home game days.  The Willow parking lot is much closer to the grass fields than the main parking lot on the school campus.  Please see a larger graphic of the campus to the right.  

If your game is in Ranger Stadium, the main turf football stadium, the closest parking is in the "Main Parking" area.  The fenced in parking lot labelled "Bueno Lot" on the east side of Inwood road just south of Starbucks is an overflow parking area for Ranger Stadium.

Please do not park at any of the area businesses on the east side of Inwood or anywhere there are NO JESUIT PARKING signs or you will be towed.