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Camp FAQ's

Will my player need to bring his/her own lacrosse equipment for camp or is it provided?

Sorry, we have no equipment to provide during camp.  Each camper will need to bring the necessary equipment to play.

Required Equipment:  Stick, helmet with a mouthpiece, gloves, shoulder pads, arm guards and a protective cup.

How do we know what to bring to camp each day?

The week before camp starts,  you will recieve a confirmation letter via email that explains everything the camper will need to bring to camp.   During camp if anything else becomes necessary, we will send out an email.

It is a good idea that campers who attend the holiday camp bring a change of clothes in a water proof bag and have sneakers available as well as cleats.  Also, please have your camper wear weather appropriate clothing.  Remember it is always colder on a field than it is right outside your house.

Do these staff members really come?

Yes, they really do, to date, we have not advertised anyone that has not come! We have been having this camp for 10 years and the staff really comes.