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Camp Refund Policy

About the Refund Policy:

This camp is a true not for profit camp with high expenses due to the nature of our staff.  WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT GIVE ANY REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO CAMP.

Registrants were informed of the following refund policy in their registration and had to specifically check a box acknowledging the refund policy in order to move forward with the registration.  

We do accept replacement players.  If you are signed up and can not attend for whatever reason and you have a player that wants to take your son's place then that family can pay you and email us for a code to register their son online to check out with no charges.  

Refund Policy

Refund Policy: A $50 administrative fee (Administrative Fee) will be retained if you cancel, regardless of the reason. After October 31, 2019, refunds less the Administrative Fee will only be made for medical reasons and such refund requests must be accompanied by a letter from a physician detailing the medical reason(s) why the Camper cannot participate in the Camp. There will be no refunds issued for any reason 2 weeks prior to camp. There will be no refunds for injuries that occur during Camp. If a Camper is dismissed or voluntarily withdraws from Camp, there will be no refunds. If an event occurs where you cannot come to Camp and you have already registered, we encourage you to try and find another Camper to take your spot and have that Camper reimburse you directly for any amounts you have expended on the Camp. Please notify us if you accomplish this so that we can get the new Camper to execute this Liability Waiver and the Camp registration form.