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Mission of the Dallas Deuces

The Mission of the Dallas Deuces

The Dallas Deuces Lacrosse Organization (Deuces) promotes lacrosse among youth residing in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, in particular, those youths attending parochial schools or players with siblings that currently attend or have attended Jesuit College Preparatory School. The Deuces will teach the fundamentals of the game of lacrosse to all their players, along with advanced skills where warranted, all the while emphasizing sportsmanship, respect for all participants and teamwork. The Deuces spring teams participate in the North Dallas Fort Worth Lacrosse League DFWLL at both the D1, D2, and D3 level where applicable.  At every level, a primary goal of the Deuces will be to engender a love of the sport of lacrosse while creating a challenging, engaging learning environment where children of differing levels of skill and development can learn the game of lacrosse. The Deuces works with volunteer coaches and at the older ages, paid coaches all of whom are committed to the development of both a player’s skill and character.

Parochial School Defined:

A private school maintained by a religious body usually for elementary and secondary instruction

Definition from Merriam-Webster dictionary 

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