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Spring Lacrosse 2021 Information

2021 Spring Registration

2021 Spring Registration please email Suzanne Moran if you have any questions regarding Spring Deuces before you sign up:

What ages does the Deuces field teams for during the spring season?

1st/2nd grade  Teams formed according to school attending
3rd/4th grade Teams formed according to school attending  
You will hear the 1st/4th grade boys referred to as Bantam players.

5th/6th grade Division 1 and 2 teams will be formed.  
7th/8th grade Division 1 and 2 teams will be formed.  
You will hear the 5th through 8th grade boys referred to as Youth players. 

Deuces Spring 2021 Timeline:

November, 2nd 2020  Registration opens for the Deuces 2021 Season!
December 15th 2020
 Registration fee increases $50 per age group.
January 8th 2021  Deadline to register for Deuces lacrosse.  This is a firm deadline.
January 12th All team conflicts must be in by this date so that we can begin scheduling games (campouts, first communion, confirmations, etc).
January TBD League wide scheduling meeting Deuces admins create the schedule on this day and revise the week following.  
Early February 2021:  Division 1 practices begin
February, 1 2021:  Division 2 and 3 practices begin this week (practice schedules given out the week prior to first practices)
February 10th 2021:  Uniforms will be in this week and will be handed out at practice (this is approx)
February 10th 2021:  Game Schedules Released
February, 14th 2020:  Season officially begins
TBD:  Bantam playday for all 1st-4th grade teams in Frisco
March, 15-March 19 2021:  Spring Break (no games on either weekend)
April 4 2021:  Easter (no games this weekend) No games scheduled
April 18 2021  Last day for counter games 5th-8th grade teams
April 24th-25th 2021 Playoffs for all 5th-8th grade teams

How Do We Form Our Teams?

At the 1st - 4th  grade level:

Keep in mind that every organization in the metroplex has it's own way of doing this but this is what has worked the best for us due to car pool reasons etc.

  • First Criteria:  We keep players together from the same school
  • Second Criteria:  We keep players together from the same grade at that school example below:

We keep players together that are from the same school.  If we have a full team (10 players) of 1st graders from Christ The King we would keep them together even though there are several 2nd grade players that would like to play from Christ The King as well.  Let's say the CKS second graders could form half a team, we would then mesh them with another group of players lets say from Good Shepherd to form a whole team.  

One thing I can not promise is that if Johnny goes to St Thomas but his best friend Billy goes to St Rita can the St Thomas kids and St Rita kids be on the same team?  Last year I had a full St Thomas 1/2 team so unless Billy wants to play with Johnny's St Thomas friends but not his St Rita pals then the answer is no here.  We just have to see where the numbers for each school/age net out in the end and we won't know if it will work until registration is over and we start forming teams.    

At the Youth level (5-8 grades)

  • First Citeria Division 1 or 2
  • Seond Criteria school
  • Third Criteria grade 

Teams: Division 1 or 2

In 5th-8th grade you will be placed on a Division 1 or 2 team.  We will form these teams primarily by grade with a few exceptions).  For example an all 5th grade team would be D2 and an all 6th grade team would be D1, etc.  Teams are no longer divided by school when you get the to 5th-8th level and you also will play 10v10 lacrosse.  

How Many Players Play on the Field By Grade:

1st/2nd:  5 

3rd/4th:  7

5th-8th:  10

Cost for Spring 2021:

Costs for Spring 2021

1st/2nd grade:  $350 
3rd/4th grade:  $400
5th/6th grade:  $650 
7th/8th grade:  $650 

This price does not include uniforms or US Lacrosse number.  See References below for both.


We are keeping our uniform from spring of 2020 and you only need to purchase a uniform if you do not have one or it does not fit.  Please try on your uniform prior to registering because the registration is the only chance to order a uniform.  You will need to know your jersey number from last year when registering so we can try to avoid jersey number conflicts.  

Shorts:  $30
Jersey:  $30

Optional Socks:  $15

Optional Jesuit Lacrosse Spirit Pack:  $95.00

You will be able to pick your own sizes and jersey numbers during the registration process.  If you do not get one of your three number choices we will pick one for you.  No (2) numbers can conflict in any given age group which is one of the reasons we have to get new uniforms every year.  

Current Deuces Uniform

Jesuit Spirit Pack

US Lacrosse Number:

All players need a valid US Lacrosse number for the season.   Anyone that played for us last year has a US Lacrosse number that is valid through at least April so most of you will not have to renew right away.  US Lacrosse numbers cost $25 and must be renewed annually.  All bantam and youth lacrosse players in the metroplex are required to have one no matter what organization they play with.  

Practices and Games

Practices will be held at Dallas Jesuit or another location in that area.

Dallas Jesuit
12345 Inwood Road
Dallas, TX 75244

Teams will begin practicing in the beginning of February.  


Home games will be located at Dallas Jesuit and away games will be located at the away teams facility (could be anywhere in the metroplex).  Games can be on either Saturday or Sunday.  We can not guarantee which day they will be on Saturday or Sunday.  We have home field availabilty at Jesuit primarily on Sunday's but we do have a few Saturday's as well. That being said, there is no way for me to know our opponents home field availability on any weekend.

Games will start the weekend of February, 15th for all Deuces teams.  The Deuces will not play games on either weekend of Spring Break.  We try to avoid Easter weekend as well.  Division 1 Deuces teams must play each opposing Division 1 team in their age division once during the season.  Playoffs commence at the end of season for all 5th-8th grade teams.

Who Can Play for the Deuces?

The Deuces was formed as a Parochial School feeder lacrosse program for Jesuit College Preparatory School.  The Deuces were admitted to the DFWLL under the following eligibility rules:  Notwithstanding the eligibility rules, students at a DPL School (i.e. all of the Catholic Schools in the area), Good Shepherd Episcopal School (11110 Midway Rd, Dallas), St. John’s Episcopal (848 Harter Rd), and the Cistercian School (3660 Cistercian Rd), or those lacrosse players who are siblings of current Deuces players or Jesuit students, have the option of playing for the Deuces.  Otherwise, current eligibility rules apply.

If you have any questions regarding whether you can play for the Deuces or not, please email Tiffany Surran prior to registration. 

Our Coaches

The Deuces will have parent, volunteer coaches at the 1st-4th grade level.  

At the 5th-8th grade levels, the Deuces employ highly qualified lacrosse coaches with plenty of lacrosse experience and coaching knowledge.  Many of our coaches are also Jesuit Lacrosse coaches.  The Deuces are taught the same fundamentals and team lacrosse philosophies that the Jesuit players are taught, therefore making it easier on the Deuces players once they reach the high school level.  

 Our teams also utilize team managers.  The team manager jobs involve webpage updates, team emails and some minor coordination of events.  Most of the team manager's job involves getting the teams up and running in late January with initial communications about practice and game times.   All of our coaches will continue to have background checks.  

Equipment Needed

 All players will need the following equipment for lacrosse season:

uniform (see uniform section above)
lacrosse stick
helmet with mouth guard
arm guards
shoulder pads
protective cup
lacrosse balls for practicing wall ball at home

Goalies need a goalie stick and chest protector (house sticks and chest protectors will be provided for all 3rd/4th grade teams.


Ready to register?  The registration link for the spring season is at the top of this page.  Some things you will need when you register are:

Credit Card Visa, Master Card, Discover or Pay Pal
US Lacrosse Membership number and expiration date  This is required by the league. Every lacrosse player in the metroplex needs a US Lacrosse number to play Spring lacrosse.  There are links on the welcome page of the registration on how to obtain or look up your number if you have forgotten it.  The US Lacrosse number costs $25 and includes a monthly magazine subscription to US Lacrosse.